What is Google Analytics and why does my website need it?

Did you know that every time you visit a website, it can tell where you came from?  Not only whether you were directed there via another website, or from a search engine, but even in terms of your geographical location!  It can also tell how long you stayed, and how many pages of the site you looked at while you were there.  Sound creepy? Don’t worry, it’s all part of Google Analytics, and as a small business owner, it’s incredibly important and valuable information!  In fact, it’s critical if you want to foster business growth.  Creating a website is only the first step in promoting good business.  From there, it’s all about what the website tells you that makes the difference.

Google analytics offers a lot of information

You can think of Google Analytics (GA) as a live tracker that is installed on your website.  It tracks every visitor that comes to your site.  It sees where they came from (i.e., whether they were directed there by another site, or from a search engine), where they are located in the world, how long they stayed on your site, how many pages they visited, and what they were looking for when they went there in the first place, and so much more.  It becomes a valuable data bank of information that you can use to understand your customer and let’s us know how they’re engaging with your website.  

What is Google Analytics and why does my website need it

We can use Google Analytics data to grow your business

If you think of every person who visits your site as a new potential client, it makes sense that you want to do everything you can to secure that customer.  Using the data from GA affords you several opportunities to do this, and in turn grow your business as a result. We can learn:

  • Where the user is located with geo location
  • What page they entered the site from
  • Which page the exited the site from
  • What are the most viewed pages of the website
  • How much time the user spent on the site
  • How did the user come to you?
  • What terms they searched for to find you (using Search Console)

This can be valuable information to a business just starting out or for a business who has never tracked this information.

 Are you using social media for your home inspection business?

You can also use the Google Analytics data to see which social platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) your website traffic is coming from. Are they being directed by your Facebook page? This allows you to determine how well your social media channels are driving users to your website. 

What is Google Analytics and why does my website need it

How to make it happen

First steps? You need a website! You can only take advantage of the benefits of Google Analytics when you have a website to connect it with. The good news is,  Modern Home Inspector, can set up your Google Analytics account and connect it to your site so we can start collecting data as soon as your website launches. See the Website Add-on Services.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment to get your website started!

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