For full payment upfront:

Client is eligible for a 90% refund in the first 30 days if no design work has been completed. Beyond 30 days, a prorated amount will be issued based on the amount of work and hours the developer has put in to the project. Hourly rate estimate will be calculated at the current hourly rate of $75/hr.

If communication from client ceases for more that 30 days during development the website will be considered “inactive” and there will be a $75 fee to “re-activate the website process.

If communication from client ceases for more that 180 days during development, this contract will become void with no refund.

For monthly payment plans

Client is responsible for the entire year’s payment. If client cancels, he/she is still responsible for the entire amount of the website fee based on the monthly payments. If client becomes delinquent, the card is expired or declined and MHI cannot reach the client within 30 days, the site will be taken down.

Review our Service Terms of Service taken directly from the website contract.