How to Ask Your Clients to Leave a Google Review

Besides being incredible ranking signals for your local SEO efforts, online business reviews on Google can help you to earn more trust and loyalty from your target audience. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that 90% of the respondents in a Zendesk survey said that positive reviews changed their purchasing decisions, while 86% said that negative reviews had an impact too!

The question is, how do you get your customers to rank your website, and your business? After all, Google doesn’t always make this process as easy as it should be! The following steps could help you get the reputation you need.

Step 1: Find your Link

Once you’ve found your Google my Business link you can include it within any form of content you like, from a blog post, to a social media page, and even your email marketing. Your aim as a business should be to make reviewing your company as simple and straight forward as possible. With that in mind, you’ll need to search for your company by name on Google:

How to get Google Reviews for Home Inspection Business

Then, click on the button that says, “Write a Review“:

How to get Google Reviews for Home Inspection Business


When the search bar changes, copy the URL:

How to get Google Reviews for Home Inspection Business

Then, simply take the URL you would have had:,3  and change the number at the end to a “5”. This means that as soon as your customer clicks on the link, they’ll be prepped to leave a five-star review!

How to Ask for a Review

When you’ve got your link in-hand, you’ll be able to start sending emails out to your customers, and requesting their feedback. Remember, the simpler the process is, the more likely it is that your customers will want to give your business the testimonial it deserves. You could provide a list of instructions for your customers to follow if they’re not sure what to do next. For instance:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Google or Gmail Account
  • Click on the following link: (provide the link as noted above specific to your business)
  • Leave your review

If you don’t have the link, you can still ask your customers to leave a review by asking them to search for your business and city on Google, and leave their review the old-fashioned way.

Extra Tips for Getting a Review

Since reviews and testimonials are so important to adding weight to your website template, here are a few extra tips you can use to improve your chances of getting a Google review quickly!

  • Use tempting subject lines: “We value your feedback”, or “Click here to have your say”, might help to push your clients along.
  • Exchange reviews for discount codes or freebies: If you have anything you can give away, this might encourage people to leave reviews faster.
  • Shorten your Google Review URL: Since people love simplicity when it comes to leaving a review, shortening your link URL can make a real difference. To do this, go to Google’s URL shortening tool: and paste your long link into the text box. Then simply click “shorten URL”. Now you have a nice streamlined link you can send your clients, that directs them to leave a 5-star review on your My Business page.

Other Review Tools

Google Review Website Widget

There are other tools to not only display Google Reviews (and Yelp and other providers) on your website but also to collect reviews a little easier. Here is what the display looks like on a website. If you would like to learn more about this feature and add it to your home inspection website, let us know!

Google Review Website Widget

Reputation Management Tools

If this all seems to complicated for you and your clients, there are reputation management companies who can help collect reviews simply and easily. This can be a valuable  service for your business if you are looking to rank higher than your competitors. Some reputation services can help you increase your reviews by 1000%! In this scenario, the client relieves a text right after your appointment, presses a button and leaves a review instantly while the experience is fresh in their mind. Worried about negative reviews? This service heads them off at the pass by first asking: “Would you recommend my service” Y/N. If they press No they are directed to leave you feedback WITHOUT posting to to the web. This decreases your negative reviews so that only the positive reviews get posted! There are a lot of awesome features. Contact Modern Home Inspector to find out more.


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